Station Manager                                                                                 Geoff Peters
Deputy Station Manager (Roster Officer)                                     Michael Gregory
Deputy Station Manager (Training Officer)                                 Bob Ward
Deputy Station Manager (Accountant & Webmaster)                Len Heath
Operations Officer                                                                              Tom Binding
Honorary Treasurer                                                                           Dennis Smith
Honorary Secretary                                                                            Pam Peters
Technical Officer                                                                                 Tony Bartlett
Technical Support Officer                                                                 Mike O’Rourke
Public Relations Officer                                                                     Stan Zapiec
Health & Safety/Welfare Officer                                                      Carole Norrie
Events Co-ordinator                                                                           Ron Brooks
Maintenance Officer                                                                           Colin Jackson
Asset Register/Security Officer                                                        Frederick Daborn

Media Support Officer                                                                        Roger Sutherland
Meeting Speaker Co-ordinator                                                         Peter Why
Recognition Officer                                                                             Geoff Howlett
Facilities Officer                                                                                  Bas Wright                                                     Web editor

NCI Portland Bill has Declared Facility Status held since 2002 and reports to the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC), Unit 12, Kites Croft Business Park, Fareham, PO14 4LW.

The station is operational 364 days a year (Closed on Christmas Day) between the hours of 07:00 to 19:00 (April to October) and 08:00 to 17:00 (November to March); it operates an emergency service out of these times.

The station is contactable on channel 65 and by telephone at 01305 860178 during the normal operating hours