MarySlim Record Run

Rockall and Back

Over the weekend of 14th to 16th June 2014 a record breaking voyage was made from Portland Bill to Rockall and back, a total of 1,422 nautical miles, using a remarkable wave piercing vessel ‘MarySlim’.

140614 Maryslim (2)

MarySlim approaching Portland Bill start line on Saturday 14th June 2014

150521 Maryslim Talk

Richard Reddyhoff during his presentation on the record capture at the NCI-Coastwatch monthly meeting.

Congratulations to Richard Reddyhoff and his team on their achievement. The record was RYA monitored, with our senior watchkeeper and technical officer Andy McLaughlin taking responsibility for recording the time the vessel crossed the start/finish line outbound and again upon return. The start/finish line was an imaginary line drawn from the NCI Portland Bill Lookout passing through the Portland Bill lighthouse, although not due south the line was 174° True and the same for both start and finish. Other NCI stations in Devon & Cornwall kept a watch out for MarySlim, logging her progress as she passed the various lookouts.

140616 MarySlim Returning

MarySlim crossing the finishing line upon her retubn on Monday 16th June 2014 (As seen through the look-out binoculars).

Andy McLaughlin logged ‘Maryslim’ out to Rockall at 10:54:38 bst on Saturday 14th June and returning at 16:24:30 bst on Monday 16th June 2014 representing a round non-stop trip time of 53 hours 29 minutes 52 seconds.

MarySlim at Speed

MarySlim passing Rockall

‘MarySlim’ is a remarkable new breed of pleasure craft designated VSV (Very Slender Vessel), which uses wave-piercing technology that enables the vessel to cut through the waves smoothing the ride and enabling it to travel quickly – making her perfect for fast long distance exploration and adventure.

Coastwatch at Portland Bill were honoured to be asked to be the official time keepers for a new challenge which was completed over the weekend of 14th/16th June 2014 by Richard Reddyhoff of Dean & Reddyhoff, owner of many South Coast Marinas, our local ones being Weymouth & the another at Portland. Richard & his team of intrepid sailors set off on this challenge onboard his motor boat, MarySlim, a unique vessel that many will have seen locally undergoing sea trials around Portland & moored at Weymouth Marina. The stunning $3 million wave-piercing vessel was created and crafted by Multimarine Composites Limited, in Cornwall, it is 72 feet long, capable of speeds in excess of 30 Knots and carries 14,000 Litres of fuel.

Route Map

MarySlim passage as recorded on ‘yellowbrick’

At 72 feet long the VSV (Very Slender Vessel), named MarySlim, will enable the bold and intrepid to explore the globe – quickly, safely and with the maximum fun-factor to boot. The pioneering powerboat features wave-piercing technology that allows it to plough through storms no other vessel would dare to tackle. Her revolutionary design makes the MarySlim ideal for cruising the globe and adventuring in the most adverse of conditions, with minimal crew.

We wait to hear from Richard some ‘Tales of the Sea’ about what must have been a very thrilling & exciting trip, which we are pleased to report went according to plan, setting up a new challenge and record…..can anyone beat it?

MarySlim at Speed (1)